Department Of Zoology

The department of Zoology was started in 1999. Zoology is one of the subjects at first and second year of under graduate students. One well developed laboratory with different types of model, specimen, charts, permanent slides, microscope, and equipment’s present. Department of Zoology improvement and motivate the students and guidance to the student about different types of project like Apiculture, Fishery, Sericulture, vermicomposting, etc.

  • Name - Dr. Sharad Jagtap
    Qualification -
    M. Sc. (Entomology), M.Phil., Ph. D.
    Email -
    Mob No - 8805331068

    HOD's Message

    Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

    Welcome to the department of zoology

    As the Head of the Department of Zoology, I am delighted to extend warm greetings to all members of our esteemed students and college community.

    Zoology is the study of animals, examining their characteristics and how they evolve and react. It is central to our understanding of the world. The human beings should have an appreciation and understanding for animals and Zoology as branch of science enables us to learn about various dimensions of animal life. It helps us to understand animal biodiversity. We aim to conduct and organize all the activities and events related to zoological studies.

    The Department has 01 well-equipped Laboratory; few lecture rooms, a museum and a library. The laboratory is well equipped with advanced equipments including high quality microscopes. There are a good number of bio- visual charts, animal models in the laboratory, besides, enough quantity of glassware and dissection material. The departmental museum has got rich collection of specimens of diverse type of animal fauna from protozoa to mammals. It also contains models of many animal species., our department conducts regular field trips and zoological tours to zoological gardens and centres of apiculture, sericulture and fisheries.

    Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to the Department of Zoology.

    Best regards,
    Dr. Sharad Jagtap
    Head of the Department of Zoology
    Late K.G. Kataria College Daund, (Pune)
  • Year of Establishment: 1999

    Names of Programmes / Courses offered
    UG Class
    B. Sc. F.Y. & S.Y.
  • Annual/ semester/choice-based credit system (Programme Wise)

    Programme Pattern Year of Implementation
    F.Y.B.Sc Annual Up to 2018-19
    F.Y.B.Sc Choice based credit system 2019-20
    S.Y.B.Sc Semester Up to 2019-20
    S.Y.B.Sc Choice based credit system From 2020-21
  • Number of teaching posts

    Designation Sanctioned Filled
    Assistant Professor 03 02
    Lab Assistant 01 01
    Lab Attendant 01 01
  • Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization

    Sr. No

    Name of faculty


    Year of




    Experience in Years


    Dr. Sharad Jagtap

    M. Sc. (Entomology), M.Phil., Ph. D.


    Assistant Professor (HOD)




    Mrs. Ansari H. E.

    M.Sc., SET, Ph.D. (Pursuing)


    Assistant Professor



  • Faculty as members’ in

    Name of the faculty


    Dr. Sharad Jagtap

    Program Officer of NSS,

    Admission committee Chairman,

    Green club committee Chairman

    Educational trip Chairman

    Student Development Officer

    Examination custodian

    Mrs. Ansari H. E.

    Sexual Harassment Committee

    Skill India Courses

    Board of Student Development Committee

  • Details of Infrastructural facilities

    Internet facilities for Staff & Students

    04 Computers with internet connectivity

    Classrooms with ICT facility



    01 Laboratory for F.Y. & S.Y.

  • Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning

    > Special Guest Lectures
    > Use of Flow Chart, Rolling Chart
    > Interactive Teaching-learning Tools
    > Field visits
    > Use of LCD Projectors
    > Seminar
    > Demonstration of Instruments
    > Laboratory Demonstrations
  • SWOC Analysis of the department and Future plans

    > Providing quality education to the rural students to meet global needs
    > staff is well qualified
    > Two laboratories with well-equipped infrastructure
    > High ratio of placement
    > Departmental library with sufficient books and references

    > Less research works
    > Student teacher ratio is less
    > No B.Sc. T.Y.
    > Limited number of collaborations with reputed industries

    > Students can start their own farms like Apiculture, Sericulture, Poultries and Vermiculture with vermicomposting
    > To start B.Sc. T.Y.

    > To conduct national and international conference/seminar
    > To link up the teaching learning process for global needs
    > To cultivate and initiate students to perceive higher education

    Future Plan
    > To increase research activities
    > To increase student’s facilities
    > To start B.Sc.T.Y.
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