• Yoga Program

    Yoga Day on 21st June 2020-21

    All the staff members of the college celebrated International Yoga Day very enthusiastically on 21st June 2020-21.Vaidya Shri. Jagdhane sir convinced the importance of Pranayam, Yoga, Meditation in day today life by demonstration. To motivate & make aware the boys and staff members to become strong & healthy. The college staff Participate in Yoga session on 21 june Yoga day.

  • Mask Distribution Program

    Mask and sanitizer distrubustion program to students

    The COVID-19 - Spread over the world . We are planning to protect collage students and public peoples. To give the awareness among the public and give the free of face mask and hand wash practice. So we protect and will stop the spread of COVID-19. one sanitizer per family each face mask for each one.

    All the students of the college were requested to spread awareness about this disease among many people in the society and guide them how to take care to stay free from this disease.

  • Covid-19 Awareness Program

    Awareness program about Corona Disease: (year -2020-21)

    Under Zoology Department, students were given information about covid-19 disease. Jagtap S.G guided the students on Corona virous, how to prevent corona disease, how to use mask,properly dispose of the mas after using it once.importances of using sanitizer and how to maintain personal hygiene.

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