Bachelore Of Commerce

  • Introduction

    A Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is an undergraduate academic degree program that focuses on the principles and practices of business, finance, and commerce.

    This versatile degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the business world, including accounting, economics, marketing, management, and finance. B.Com programs often blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications, preparing students for a wide range of careers in the corporate sector, financial institutions, and entrepreneurship. The curriculum typically emphasizes quantitative skills, critical thinking, and effective communication, equipping graduates with the tools to navigate the dynamic and competitive landscape of the business realm. Whether pursuing roles in accounting, banking, consulting, or starting their own ventures, B.Com graduates possess a well-rounded skill set that is valuable in today's global business environment.

  • Following are the departments which falls under B.Com.
    Banking And Finance
    Business Environment And Entrepreneurship
  • Future Plans

    To start Post Graduate Course Economics

    Efforts to increase students facilities

    Developing research attitude among students

    To start Certificate Courses

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