About College

The initials of the name of the parent institute B.E.S. (Bhimthadi Education Society) The vision is to remain to help economic –socio poor people to come up with the education. This is established in 1919. The father of the institution Mr.Kishandas Gulabchand Kataria was a freedom fighter. His dream was this institution should give the highest education at taluka place and dream comes true and our college is named late Kishandas Gulabchand Kataria College. Now it has up to M.Sc. Degree level.

  • Welcome to Late K. G. Kataria College

    The present institution Bhimthadi education society,Daund was established in 1920 in memory of great visionary and freedom fighter Kishandas gulabchand Kataria who’s ideals form our guiding principles. Our aim was to provide quality education to the under privileged, socio-economically weaker sections of society and specially girls students who are backbones of society and we have been largely successful in this area.

    Currently the institution has 09 educational units ranging from preprimary to the post graduate level. As we say grow with us from KG to PG!

    Our institution also works in social area and always contributes to built healthy and strong society. Every year Bhimthadi education society, organizes ‘JAGAR’- A series of cultural boosting.

    Courses are offered in two languages (English and Marathi) inner divisions promoting diversity and inclusivity. Our staff is highly trained and professional. Only the best of the best are invited to work with us.

    With great pride and honor I well come in this creative blend of academic, co curricular as well as extracurricular institute for bright carrier and quality journey.

  • Vision

    Vision Statement of the institutions is “ एकमेका सहाय्य करू " which means “To Help Each Other”. It is inscribed on the top of the logo, which is given below.

  • Mission

    “To create multidisciplinary best empower women as in rural areas of Daund to suit the local, national & international needs, having scientific temperament, moral, ethical, values, and multifaceted proactive personality by providing excellent education.”

  • Objectives

    The objective of higher education policy of the nation is to provide education to the students of all castes, creed, religion, with different financial background. The institute provides education to student community by keeping in mind the national policy and mission statement. The enrollment record shows that majority of the students are from middle class, lower middle class and even below poverty line. Noteworthy that the number of the girl students enrolled is high.

  • Facilities

    College Provides various facilities to students.


    The library has a total collection of 3737 books. The Library subscribes Journals and Periodicals in various subjects. It hoards several Text and Reference books, bound volume journals and Maps and Records. It also provides NLIST-INFLIBNET facility. It houses two Computational centers especially for students.

    Separate Buildings for Science Departments

    Most of the Science departments as well as some Arts departments have their own separate buildings with well-equipped laboratories and spacious classrooms.

    Outstanding Academic Achievement

    Many of our students are in Government Gobs Such as Military and Police force and a huge number of our students are also in industries and companies. In which many Students are placed on campus and some are off campus. The College has consistently maintained an excellent academic record over its entire history.

  • Location

    The College is located in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chouak, which is in the heart of Daund City. The College is well connected by public transport. The nearest Railways Station is Daund Railway Station which is 0.5 KM the Nearest Bus Station is Daund Bus Station 0.5 KM.

  • Distinctive Features

    Established on 2nd January,1999 by Bhimthadi Education Society (BES) - Celebrating 21year. First accreditation by NAAC in 2016 and received Grade "C" with 1.87 CGPA on 4 point scale.

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