Bachelore Of Science

  • Introduction

    A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is an undergraduate academic degree started in our college from establishment year 1999 & awarded to students who have successfully completed a program of study in the sciences.

    This versatile and comprehensive degree encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, and environmental science, among others. The B.Sc. program typically combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, fostering critical thinking, analytical skills, and a scientific approach to problem-solving. Graduates of a Bachelor of Science program are well-equipped to pursue careers in research, industry, education, or further specialized studies at the postgraduate level. The degree serves as a solid foundation for individuals seeking to explore and contribute to the ever-expanding realm of scientific knowledge and innovation.

  • Following are the departments which falls under B.Sc.
    Computer Science
  • Future Plans

    To start Post Graduate Course Economics

    Efforts to increase students facilities

    Developing research attitude among students

    To start Certificate Courses

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