The college library has established in 1999. The college library has separate hall and its area is 200 Sq M. It consists of different section such as stack room, reference section, periodical section, circulation section etc.

  • Introduction Of Department

    The college library has established in 1999. The college library has separate hall and its area is 200 Sq M. It consists of different section such as stack room, Reference section, periodical section, circulation section and etc.

  • Library Staff

    Following are the profiles of the staff of the library -

    Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
    1 Mrs. Veer Anamika Shivaji M.A., M. Lib. I. Sc. SET Librarian 6 Years
    2 Mr. Mundik R. R. B. A., B. Lib Library attendant 17 Years
  • Library Collection

    1. No. Of Books- 3773
    2. Title of books- 965
    3. No. of periodicals- 10
    4. Newspapers- 2
    5. E-Journals (N-List)- 6000+
    6. Classification system- DDC Classification
    7. Circulation system- Browne charging system
    Sr. No. Name View
    5 YEAR-WISE BOOKLIST(Purchasc report) Download
  • Library Timing

    Following are the timings of the library -

    Sr. No. Day Class
    1 Monday & Thursday F.Y. B. Sc, F. Y. B. A., F. Y. B. C. S. & M. Sc. I
    2 Tuesday & Friday S.Y. B. Sc, S. Y. B. A., S. Y. B. C. S. & M. Sc. II
    3 Wednesday & Saturday T. Y. B. Sc, T.Y. B. A., T.Y. B. C. S.

    Library open on 8.30am to 3.30pm. Book circulation will be continue from 9am to 3 pm.

  • Membership

    1. All student admitted in the college
    2. All faculty members of the college
    3. College authorities
  • Library Rules

    Rules For Library Timings

    1. On all working days from 9.30am to 5.30pm
    2. National holiday closed

    Rules For Identity Card

    1. Every student member has necessary I Card
    2. Without library card library material are not issued
    3. I card valid for 1 year only

    Rules for Book circulation

    1. A book will be issued to a student only in exchange for one of his /her member card
    2. In return a book to the library on or before due date
    3. Journals publications, Dictionaries, bound volumes and such Other documents cannot be take on Library account or I card except with the permission of library authority

    Rules for “In the Stack Room”

    1. No member will be allowed to the stack room bags Or other material
    2. While in side the library no member will be break the Silence by talking or by action of any kind, eating food , sleep on the table
  • Library Committee

    The committee looks after the day today working of the library Department. The committee gives the valuable suggestion and tries to solve the problem if any. The committee approves the selection of books. Following are the member of committee for academic year 2023-2024.

    Sr. No. Name of Committee Member Designation
    1 Dr. Samudra S. M. Chairman
    2 Prof. Warale K. N. Member
    3 Prof. Sakhare N. D. Member
    3 Prof. Ansari H. E. Member
    4 Dr. Waghmode D. P. Librarian Secretary
    5 Mr. Shinde N. S. Student Representative
  • Library Services

    1. Book lending-Library issue books for one week to student on home lending purpose
    2. Reference service is provided to the users
    3. Inflibnet- It is available for users. The library has been registered for N-list programme under INFLIBNET. The e-resources are generated through N-List programme and the teaching faculty gets benefit from the e-resources
    4. Newspaper clipping facility available
    5. In house remote access to e-resources- Every faculty member is given a Login ID to access the N-List e-resources. The e-resources are provided free of cost
    6. User orientation and awareness-New enrolled student are given user orientation programme
  • List of Periodicals

    Following is the list of periodicals of the department

    Subject No. Name of periodical Periodicity
    Science 1 Current Science Monthly
    2 J.of Earth Science Monthly
    3 Bulletin of material science Biomonthly
    Physics 1 Pramana Monthly
    2 Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy Quarterly
    Maths 1 Proceedings Quarterly
    Botany 2 J. Of Bioscience Quarterly
    Chemistry 3 J. Chemical Science Monthly
    Hindi 1 Hans Monthly
    Economics 1 Vikalpved Monthly
    2 Sahkari Maharashtra Monthly
    Competative 1 Chanakya Mandal Monthly
    Sports 1 Kridawishwa
    General 1 University News Weekly

    Total number of periodicals are 14.

  • Last 5 years Purchasing of Books

    Following is the purchase list of books for the department

    Sr. No. Academic Year Total No. Of Books Total Amount
    1 2015-2016 Textbook-142 27545/-
    Reference- 105 58,974
    Periodical- 16 10000
    2 2016-2017 Textbook- 57 7302
    Reference- 173 119100
    Periodical- 10 8048
    3 2017-2018 Textbook- 100 11900
    Reference- 82 17022
    Periodical- 16 10400
    4 2018-2019 Textbook- 44 13774
    Reference- 56 20970
    Periodical- 10 10709
    Total Amount
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